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Hunting and Fishing

Sports fishery is held down Chepinska river and its feeders - Matnica, Grancharica, Ablanica, Dospat river, TMC near Dragodanovo village, Dospat dam lake, Batak dam lake, Belmeken dam lake.
A full-system trout outfit that is built near Chepinovo neighbourhood, satisfies the needs of trout breeding material . Except in natural water basins, fish is bred artificially in Batak dam lake, Dospat dam lake and other water basins near Velingrad.
The most frequent and important fish species are: freshwater trout, black barbell, carp, chub, rudd, perch, etc.

 “Batak” dam lake and “Cigov Chark” countryside are 21 km away from Velingrad. They are wonderful resting places during the whole year. The resort itself has a good accommodation base including all kinds of categories, many cafeterias and restaurants-“Panorama” hotel, “Olimp” hotel, etc. ”Danoto” resort settlement is located near the dam. It has 3 Canoe Kayaks, 3 fishing boats, water wheels, and a motor yacht as well as fishing tools. Dam-lake waters give a wonderful fishing opportunities-there are perches, grey mullets, and carps.

“Belmeken” dam lake which is located 30 km away form Velingrad is another wonderful opportunity for practicing water sports and fishing. The highmountain sports complex, which has the same name is located 3 km to the west of “Belmeken” dam lake. Its altitude is 2050m. It gives a wonderful bases for relaxation and training activities of all kinds. There are trouts and other small fish in the dam-lake waters.

Kara Tepe countryside which is located 28 km to the south of Velingrad offers the tourists extremely beautiful nature. 8 km away of it is located Selishte countryside - a picturesque valley where the sunny days prevail all the year round. These countrysides and forestries offer very good conditions and various kinds of game for the tourists who enjoy hunting too.

“Dospat” dam lake and Sarnica town are located 50 km away from Velingrad. There are perches, carps, grey mullets, and trouts in dam-lake waters. There are wonderful conditions for developing sports and industrial fishing. Several kinds of fishery are practiced: on swimmer, at the bottom. Holiday houses, villas, motels, and cafeterias are built near the dam lake and offer all kinds of comforts for the tourists, as well as fishing boats and equipment - e.g. ”Iva” vocational settlement, “Chaika” resort place, “Romantica” resort place.

Jundola - its industry has wonderful game stores - stags of a fallow deer, wild-boars, roes, bears, wood-grouse capercalzies, ring-doves, etc. The build-up fishing-industry tackles and the cares for wild fauna are a precondition for successful practicing and organizing of fishing tourism.

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