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Velingrad is located in the central part of Chepino valley – the best part of West Rhodopi Mountain. According to the legends, Orpheus had lived there. Orpheus was the son of Calliope and either Oeagrus or Apollo. He was the greatest musician and poet of Greek mythology, whose songs could charm wild beasts and coax even rocks and trees into movement. According to the greatest annalists, the west Rhodopi Mountain was the place where the legendary Spartacus –leader of Roman slaves, had obtained power and energy. 

On the grounds of the cultural beds, we can affirm that the region of Chepino has been inhabited by the ancient Thracian tribes.  The strongest evidence of this are the detected traces of Bessie tribe – hills, mounds, necropolis and signs of fortresses. Documentary evidences for that period have been described by the historians Heredity and Tukidit.

Around Velingrad is the  Batak swamp, where we can find about seven mounds dated as far back as Thracian  tribes. Ruins of Thracian villages can be found at “Pechkovets” neighborhood, which is situated at the flood of the ancient Tsepina fortress.
Rhodopi Mountains have been conquest by the Romans. That was the beginning of the Thracian-Roman period, which continued untill Slavs came to power.  A lot of archeological findingss date from the time of Romans, has been found on the land of “Bivolichino dere” and “Removo” – a clay pipelines, road surfaces, coins…etc.

In the beginning of VI century, the area of Chepino was inhabited by Slavs. According to Professor Peter Petrov and professor Drinov, “dragovitchi” tribe had leaved here. Most of the traditions and habits of Thracians have been inherited by Slavs.

Chepino valley has been integrated to the Bulgarian state during the administration of khan Malomir, later on his inheritor – Persian, includes the entire region of Rhodopa Mountain.

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