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Velingrad’s mineral waters basin is one of the biggest and well investigated in south Bulgaria thermal region. Mineral waters in Velingrad are carrying the qualitative and quantitative features of the waters in Hisar, Bania, Plovdiv and Narcheski mineral waters.

The mineral waters in Velingrad are rich of nitrogen, flour, and have no constant anion components and minerals as well as great variety of rare elements. Water sources are grouped into four hydrothermal sources – Chepeno, Lyjene, Kamenica, and Draginovo. In their location there is temperature and chemical regions. From south to north there are increased levels of saltiness, temperature, sulfates, sodium, flour, and SiO2. Investigations show that these elements have positive effect on human organism. They cure infections over the whole body – muscle tissues, bone fractures, gynecological problems, nerve system, kidney diseases, stomach aches, hypothermia, respiratory tract.

Mineral waters in Chepinska Kotlovina are mostly (80%) concentrated in Velingrad. In CHepino neighborhood there is one of the biggest thermal sources in the country. Waters are alkaline (carbonates, sulfates, sodium) and flour with low mineralization state. They are distinguished for their for their higher radioactivity (about 70 emons) . They have increased levels of Wolfram, silver and others. The hottest mineral waters are 91 degrees C and are located in Kamenica region – hydro carbonated, flour, sodium, Si, and with high mineralization state. Some of the water basins have hydrosulfates.


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